Hours of operation: 10am to Sunset
-Stone and sand/dirt pathways 
-Reflection Pool
-Rock Fountain
-Dollhouse (home of the Aiken Garden Club)
-Oak Alley
-Touch and Scent Trail
-Pond (no fishing or swimming)
-2 swings
-3 decorated “Horseplay” statues
-Garden sites available for rental
-Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame & Museum



The Aiken Community Labyrinth Project 

The Aiken Community Labyrinth Project was chaired by Sue Broderick who had a passion for this meditative walk. She worked with an eleven-member committee that represented citizens and organizations who appreciated that labyrinths have existed for centuries. The labyrinth at Hopelands Gardens was dedicated in 2007 and is patterned after a 13th century design at Amiens Cathedral, France. 

Jackie Hill became a volunteer docent for the labyrinth in 2010, as the Labyrinth Lady.  “Walking the labyrinth allows your body to experience that your personality, emotions, and mental, physical, and spiritual aspects are all linked and manifested in what your body is doing. The labyrinth walk helps get everything on the same page,” she said.

She observes the way people use the labyrinth. “Some run, cut corners, others are patient, joyful, prayerful, sad, silent. Like your life. It is one path. A collection of your choices,” she said.

In Hopelands Gardens, she assists visitors walking this mediative path and requests they write about their walks in the Labyrinth Logbook.  Hill says that the labyrinth speaks through this book of 800 pages and counting. One person wrote: “It was great to come to the place of man and nature; love and nurture.”

Hill quilts this labyrinth as a meditation and to spread its image beyond the gardens. She is at Rye Patch during Christmas in Hopelands where she displays some of her more than 400 fabric labyrinths of various sizes and colors.    

Although the Labyrinth Lady will not be present in Rye Patch this year during Christmas in Hopelands, some of her fabric labyrinths will be displayed. Take the time to view her work and to learn more about the labyrinth and the benefits it provides.