Welcome to the Friends' Annual Meeting

2021-2022 Officers of the Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch

President, Anna Dangerfield

Vice-President, John Lindsay

Treasurer, Darrell Rains

Corresponding Secretary, Gail Ebner

Recording Secretary, Lil Brannon

Board of Trustees

Trustees 2022

Claudia Adams

Newkirk Barnes

Catherine Bedenbaugh

Jane Crayton Davis

Janet Harkins

Sue Hayes

Jane Hottensen

Jim Kabel

Ed Mann

Sarah Taylor

Peggy Thome

Sara Wood

Dan Zaloudek

Trustees  2023

Mike Beckner

Rob Cunningham

Anna Dangerfield

Gail Ebner

Cici Goodyear

John Lindsay

Margaret Marion*

Linda Knox McLean

Darrell Rains

Frank Thomas, Jr.

Holly Woltz*

Trustees  2024

Kena Black*

Lil Brannon

Michael Cowen*

Tommie Culligan*

Cam Glenn

Steve Kisner*

John Oakland

Karen Poteat*

Kelly Reynolds

Allen Riddick*

Jane Anne Royal

Martha Wolf

*denotes current candidates to vote on at bottom of page

"Kudos to the Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch for all that you have done over the past 50 years to support this Aiken treasure.  Your steadfast support of these two properties is amazing.  Keep up the good work."
- J. David Jameson | President/CEO, Aiken Chamber of Commerce

Annual Reports for 2021



Please vote on approval of the minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting of  The Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch. Motion to approve was made by Mike Beckner, and motion seconded by Rob Cunningham.
(Minutes are above)

The following three slates come moved and seconded from the Nominating Committee (John Lindsay, Chair, Newkirk Barnes, Mike Beckner, Catherine Bedenbaugh, and Lil Brannon) 

1.) Indicate your vote by checking the box below for the slate nominated for a two-year term: Margaret Marion and Holly Woltz.


2.) Indicate your vote by checking the box below for the slate nominated as new Trustees for a three-year term:  Kena Black, Michael Cowen, Tommie Culligan, Steve Kisner, Karen Poteat, and Allen Riddick.


3.) Indicate your vote by checking the box below for the slate nominated as Trustees returning for a second three-year term:  Lil Brannon, Cam Glenn, John Oakland, Kelly Reynolds, Jane Anne Royal, and Martha Wolf.


Thank you for voting!

Also, if you would like, you may leave your name,
email and/or a comment (see below).